Skype Finally Rolls Out Read Receipts Feature


In today’s messaging world, many new messaging and free calling apps have been launched. Skype is one of the popular video, audio and messaging platforms. An eminent feature of read receipts which enables the users to understand whether the message has been read by the receipent or not is new addition to the Skype. The Skype users can now enable the read receipts feature when any message is sent by the user.

Skype is one of the popular apps launched by Microsoft which has acquired billion dollars revenue in 2011. Many exciting features like GIF’s, emoticons along with end-to-end security have been introduced by Microsoft to enhance the user’s experience. Now, the read receipts feature which is commonly seen in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others is also rolling out to Skype. The company has already started testing this feature and soon read receipts will roll out to all the skype users.

Read receipts feature will be seen by the users when they install latest Skype version. However, this feature will work in group conversation only for upto 20 users. Also, if some users from the group do not have the latest Skype version installed then they will not receive read receipts. Thus, it is necessary for the users to install the latest preview build version of this app.

The read receipts icon shown when message is read by any user will be is similar to the one seen on Facebook Messenger. A circular icon with the user’s image who has read the message will be shown on the app. However, the users who don’t want to enable read receipts can do so by simply turning off this feature. The users can also temporarily disable this feature and later on they can enable the same.

The working of this feature is similar to all other messaging platform. If some user disables this feature then they won’t be able to see other users who have read their message which is a fair trade off. Read receipts feature will enhance the users messaging task as they will know the person to whom they are messaging is online. The users can even identify the people who are deliberately ignoring their messages.

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